Live commerce for real estate business

For scintillating real estate services
It's fair to say that real estate involves a lot more than just rooms, living space and floor plans. That's why the eayseRealEstate system has been developed to let you give your products and properties a fascinating appearance. eayseRealEstate highlights your professionalism as you present every important detail to partners and potential customers.

How eayseRealEstate works

Meet eayseRealEstate, your interactive new tool for extensive communication with your customers and partners. Present your properties from a completely fresh perspective –live of course – with the straightforward eayse system. Simply prepare a live, interactive tour with the eayseCam and you’ll be ready to exchange ideas with your prospective customers. You can also use the new eayse exposé tool to present a virtual tour of the property (“here’s one I made earlier…”).


For more emotions

Present more than just the facts with eayse: To sell real estate, it’s just as important to evoke emotion and passion in your prospective buyers. eayse is also a white label solution, so it supports your professional presence seamlessly as you apply your own corporate identity to its individual components.

Additional Components

  • Special eayseCam with indoor navigation
  • Exposé-Tool


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