eayse provides a unique insight into Europe’s biggest design conference – TYPO Berlin 2016. In collaboration with Ape Unit, creative minds share their personal perspective of the event live and direct.

On typotalks.com/berlin we show individual moments, highlights, and moods of the conference so you can still participate, wherever you are.

eayse: the innovation

In the beginning of the year eayse launched eayseCam. Offering a new sales method and form of communication for commercial trade, customers and partners have the opportunity to digitally communicate with each other in real time. Products can now be presented and sold live without the customer needing to be physically there. In line with our zeitgeist, eayse represents the next level of flexibility in the industry.

Originally created as a 3D live commerce service, it embarks on a new use at TYPO 2016 and continues to expand its range of application.

With the eayseLab, a new platform is created. The technical innovation is now also understood as an experimental and creative medium – through changes of perspective, new possibilities are discovered. The eayseLab stands as a think tank for a diverse future of a versatile product and service.

eayse becomes an event

“Beyond Design” as the motto of this year’s TYPO design conference. After Krill Live Streaming last year, eayse makes the media coverage forward looking and creative again. Individual moments, information and emotions are broadcasted experimentally and live. eayse allows us to be part of TYPO and brings the event to life, even outside the venue.

The eayseCam is literally our third eye and manages to carry a stationary bound event into the world and communicates with the world in its own personal way.

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