Live commerce for the automotive industry

Your real-time automotive service
With eayseCar, you can create a personal and trusting atmosphere that meets the demands of the automotive industry more than well. Now you can present your products and services visually through live consultation. eayse provides you with new opportunities for interactive, focused and targeted communication with your customers and partners.

eayseCar – fascination for increased efficiency

Use eayseCar planning for better time management.  Reach more potential clients with personal consulting and expand your customer base. You can invite your customers from everywhere in the world to a virtual visit of your premises and give them a live, personalized tour. With eayse, you can respond to each of your customers personally, at any time – to present the ideal vehicle or to answer client questions.


Perfectly tailored – to your needs and business presence

eayseCar not only ensures customer satisfaction; it responds to their specific needs. Besides, being a white label solution, eayse can be readily adapted to suit your professional image: The various components can be easily branded with your own corporate identity.

Additional Components

  • Use the App to send data sheets, simultaneously to the live stream


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