The idea

Your media presence with customers and target groups is already the ultimate key to your business success with ever-rising importance. The secret lies in delivering impressive innovation, creativity, quality, and – above all – in providing convincing interactive services. This is precisely where eayse comes in: eayse’s precision components let you converse with your clients and partners in real time.

You might, for example, showcase your products with the eayseCam. Your audience can watch your presentation from a live site while you answer the questions interactively. eayse lets you conduct sales and information meetings in real time – it’s like having the other person right in front of you.

What exactly can eayse do?

With eayse your potential customers can learn about your products through a live, interactive, virtual consultation. The innovative eayse system offers proprietary, interactive 2D/3D live consulting, so you can present your products and services to the world – interactively, conveniently, safely, stably and above all, with convincing ease.

Broad and varied applications of eayse

No matter if you are in the Car-, Construction- or RealEstate-Business: eayse’s innovative live commerce opens up new and effective marketing channels for you. Get closer to your customers and open up new markets, easily interacting in real time with words and pictures. There is yet another plus; as eayse is a white label solution, it’s not only discreet, but you can apply your own corporate identity to your communications.

Why eayse?

It is true: eayse lets you permanently enhance the presence of your company, offline and online. Creating true virtual reality, eayse provides you with the latest form of live communication, putting you ahead of your competitors. Inspire and inform current and future customers with eayse.

eayse Components

Complex yet simple. eayse is built upon a complex technology system, yet is simple to use, so you can focus on your sales pitch. The underlying complexities are hidden from view, leaving you to enjoy a user-friendly experience. eayse comprises of the following components:

Additional Components

  • eayseCam inclusive software
  • a live website that integrates your brand
  • eayse-service: live consulting

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